The Tringus is a clapher-type shringus in SB:CS 16-37. It also makes an appearance in SB:CS Super Uber Fighter time 3DZ 2. It has a high shpleefbus stat, and a high criffity stat as well. It is quite lacking in spergbus, and also has a low drimblus stat, but for what it lacks in those, it makes up for in its embedded skill: Tonsilectomy.

Ways of obtaining:

The Tringus can be obtained from a 1/836 drop chance when fighting Manady Spingi. It is also found from a treasure chest in Fooflendor during a normal playthrough of SB:CS 24. Finally, the Tringus can be obtained as a 1/3 chance from defeating the boss character Hibbly Dankus in Chapter 17 of SB:CS 18.

In game description:

"The Tringus is a pretty cool weapon, weilded by only the most crengiest of Brongi. It emits a wondrous glow, which every Spingus trembles at the sight of. It is slightly cold to the touch, and was forced from pure melted packing peanuts and paper clips. Tootsy is a big fan of this weapon."