Pablo Ducklopod is a new Brongus that only appeared in Scrimmy Bingus Remastered. He appears in the form of a 3D piece of cereal with the face of a child. One noticeable feature is that his eye texture is not present behind his sunglasses. An unfinished version of the eye texture, only viewable with TimothyPlus+ 2002 School Edition, is present deep in the files of the game.

Pablo Ducklopod's main attack is the Bongo Slap, which has an increased chance of Critarunga!. He has increased Coolness when near enemies holding Glongo Milk. However, if he himself holds the item it immediately disappears.

A special ending occurs when you finish Scrimmy Bingus Remastered without acquiring any party members other than Pablo Ducklopod, in which he must fight the Tooth Fairy to retrieve his missing wisdom tooth. This ending is considered highly noncanon, and is even referred to in the manual as "VERY BAD. NOT A GOOD BOY."