Luckie is one of the available Bongi in Scrimmy Bingus Family Edition. This Bongus takes the form of a young girl with blonde hair and a blue jacket.

Stats Edit

Luckie has relatively moderate horsepower and magic. She has high street cred and screams. She has barely any stench.

Her skill is clown slaying.

Appearances Edit

In the first given image, Luckie is seen in the bottom part of the screen holding a basket full of Easter eggs. She appears in the third, holding a twig. A girl who may be Luckie is sitting in the fourth image near the middle of the mat. In the fifth image, she appears in a stroller. In the sixth image, she appears, and seems to be looking at the Bingus. She appears in the seventh image at the bottom of the staircase. In the ninth image, she appears near FiFi.

Additionally, she appears when you find the Bingus in the seventh image.