Glongo Milk is an item held by Brongi and enemies in all versions of Scrimmy Bingus & the Crungy Spingus. The item is most common in the Space Zone. It is never specified what a Glongo is, or how it produces milk, but it seems to be plentiful enough to be carried by many enemies.

Uses Edit

Glongo Milk can be used by its holder during battle immediately when its health is low. It increases the

chance of executing a Stupegungled to 1/10.

The item has strange effects on the Brongus Pablo Ducklopod, including his tendency to immediately make Glongo Milk disappear if he holds it, implying that he drinks it. When he is in battle with an enemy holding Glongo Milk, he has increased Coolness.

Ban Edit

In the Scrimmy Bingus Multiplayer Extravaganza 2004, a player who named himself "000" used Glongo Milk on his entire party multiple times, making him nearly unstoppable. This caused the event to end early, and a new rule stating that Glongo Milk was banned from future events was soon set in stone. The item is still usable in singleplayer of almost all SB&CS games.