The dalmatians are dogs that live in the Dalmatian Jungle, and who are often sought after for their high amount of energy. Most dalmatians are unnamed, besides Blitz-Ferdinand, who is temporarily playable in SB:CS Super Ultimate Deluxe Fun Fun Happy Game Fun Time Day Zone Edition, when the Brongi enlist his help in finding the Splongus.

Games before "Day Zone Edition" Edit

In the previous games, dalmatians were never used as true characters, however made some minor appearances. In the original SB:CS game, dalmatians are among the baby animals shown playing soccer when a Stupegungled is executed. A dalmatian is told to be one of the enemies found in Scrimmy Bingus 2003 Edition by some who have allegedly found copies of the game.


Dalmatians make their first major appearance in SB:CS Super Ultimate Deluxe Fun Fun Happy Game Fun Time Day Zone Edition. They are chosen by the Splongus as his main source of power due to their energy. The Brongi attempt to save some dalmatians from doom as they search for the Splongus. After Blitz-Ferdinand is rescued, he helps find the Splongus, before the Splongus suddenly swallows seemingly all of the dalmatians in the omniverse. This is found out to be untrue, however, when at the end of the game an unscathed Blitz-Ferdinand expresses his thanks to the player for finishing the game, before he cartwheels off of the screen.

Other Appearances Edit

In the soundtrack to SB:CS and the Good Boy Crimpus, a song that plays in the credits has a lyric that mentions the dalmatian Blitz-Ferdinand:

"Though Pablo lost his shoes / There's no need to cry / A dalmatian has just been let loose / And intends to return with a bucket of french fries"
The originally never-seen-before storybook Scrimmy Bingus: The New Adventures of Henry the Squirrel mentions that Pablo Ducklopod's mother ran away to the Space Zone so that she could marry a man who sold dalmatians, however this is inconsistent with the plot of the games, as there is only one dalmatian left.