The Crodon are the most common category of enemy in Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus 52: Return of Grogun. They are notable for their tendency to create Crimbus Holes, the driving force of the plot of all Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus games whose creation was outsourced to The Mordon Company. The Crodon are comprised of 3 different enemies: Scrogan, Crongus, and Broogus.


The backstory of Scrogan is largely lost to time. All that's known about its backstory is that it was created by Glungus, one of the twelve Ungi. It appears to be a combination of a Clonkus and a bear. It does 35 damage to the lead Brongus, but any attacks on the secondary or tertiary Brongi are a guaranteed miss.


Crongus is a refugee from the Briplonian Colony. He was forced to leave the colony due to the Lobus War. He appears to be a featureless void. His attacks initially appear to do nothing, but after 15 turns are guaranteed to cause permadeath to all Brongi still within his Mogus Range. 

Broogus Edit

Before Chapter 3, Broogus was thought to be from the Brogus Dimension, but it is later revealed that he's actually Hurgus in disguise. All of his attacks and abilities are the same as they were from previous games in the series, except translated to the Mingus battle system.